The owner of Backyard Responders, Ricky, standing next to his bounce house rental, and he is giving a thumbs up.

Nobody knows people like we do!

Hey, meet Ricky! He's not your average dad – this dude's all about embracing life's adventures, and now, with his three awesome kiddos joining the fun, things have amped up! When Ricky's not out there in the community as a Firefighter, he's rocking the dad role, setting up epic outdoor activities and making sure his tribe's having a blast. His kids are all about the outdoors – they're basically a mini-adventure squad! Family means the world to Ricky. They live by solid Christian values like kindness, humility, and respect. Giving back to the community is their thing, spreading good vibes wherever they roll. Ricky's a man of many talents, all tackled with heaps of passion. He's your go-to guy for safety as a firefighter and making events memorable as a business owner. With his warm vibes, strong values, and a serious work ethic, Ricky's the guy you can count on. He's all about spreading positivity and making a real difference in his neighborhood. Looking for someone who brings the fun, creativity, and mad passion to the table? Ricky from Backyard Responders is your guy – he's all about turning every day into an adventure!