Beach Run and Yard Game

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  • Great graphics for a visually stunning experience
  • Dual lane obstacle course for exciting races
  • Quick burst through obstacles for fast-paced fun
  • Back climbing wall leading to an exhilarating slide
  • Pool landing for a refreshing splash finish
  • Can be used wet or dry for versatile fun
  • 18 feet tall for a thrilling experience
  • Built-in safety features for peace of mind


  • Keeps kids and adults entertained and active
  • Allows parents to relax and enjoy the weekend
  • Encourages social interaction and friendly competition
  • Makes weekend get-togethers and parties memorable

**How to Play:**

1. Set up the oversized buckets in your yard.

2. Take turns tossing the ball, aiming to land it in the buckets.

3. Score points based on which bucket the ball lands in.

4. Enjoy hours of fun with family and friends!

**Why Choose Yard Pong:**

- **Kid-Friendly:** Safe and enjoyable for all ages, Yard Pong is perfect for family gatherings, birthday parties, and backyard barbecues.

- **Easy Setup:** Simply unpack and set up the buckets for instant entertainment.

- **Quality Construction:** Made from durable materials, Yard Pong is built to withstand countless games and seasons of fun.


per hour


for 2 hours


for 3 hours


for 4 hours


for 5 hours


for 6 hours


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for 15 hours


for 16 hours


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for 2 days


for 3 days


for 4 days


for 5 days


for 1 week


for 2 weeks


for 3 weeks


for 1 month

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Product Information:

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


Choose 1 Yard Game:

  • Corn Hole

  • Giant Connect 4

  • Giant Jenga

  • Yard Pong

    Transform your backyard into a hub of excitement with Yard Pong, the larger-than-life version of a classic game! Whether you remember playing a similar game in your younger years or you're discovering it for the first time, Yard Pong is sure to become a highlight of your outdoor events.

  • Beach Run Obstacle Course | 18ft

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